Electrogrup signs a new contract for infrastructure development – design and execution works for marking and landscaping the Ghimbav – Brașov Airport runway

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Brașov, November 14, 2019 Electrogrup, member of the E-INFRA group, announces that it expands its critical infrastructure development strategy by adding the component of airport projects, and the first step, the design and execution works for marking and landscaping the Ghimbav – Brașov Airport runway, will be completed by the end of next year and will involve about 200 professionals.

„We have proposed a competitive offer to the county authorities, in order to support the development of one of the key airport infrastructure projects – the Brașov – Ghimbav Airport. The future airport will have a major positive impact for the entire economic structure in the region, and Brasov is perfectly positioned to ideally capitalize on the opportunities generated by tourism, business centers and industry. Alignment with the proposed implementation deadlines is our priority, and in this regard we have already mobilized specialized resources to start the design. The design stage will begin in about a month and will last for three months, followed by the actual execution stage which will last eight months, thus targeting works to be completed by the end of next year,” said Adrian Florea, CEO, Electrogrup.

The association between Electrogrup and Electroprecizia AG Săcele has recently won the tender for the execution of the marking and the landscaping the runway of the future Brasov Airport, and today the design and execution contract has been signed.

„The signing of the contract for the design and execution of the marking and landscaping of the runway of the Brasov International Airport – Ghimbav, worth 13.7 million euros, pleases me very much, because it represents an extremely important step in this investment project of a major importance for the county of Brasov and for the whole area. At present, the county administration runs contracting works whose value reaches almost 53 million euros, contracts which by the end of next year will bring us to a 90% progress in terms of the completion of the AIBG project. I am fully convinced that, next to the County Council, the Government will come to support the development of these contracts, so that in a short time Brașov will have the airport it deserves and has been waiting for, for decades now,” said Adrian-Ioan Veștea, Chairman of the Brașov County Council. 

The role of the association is to carry out the design and execution for the marking – constructions and installations, and for the arrangement of the runway – for this challenge, Electrogrup will use technology from ADB Safegate, one of the most important producers in the world – respectively the completion of the runway shoulder in the junction area of the lane, arranging the protections of the lane sewers and the protection for the rain sewers. The development of the Brasov International Airport is the first major project in the region and opens a series of major contributions to the industry.

The Electrogroup teams have demonstrated their professionalism in the infrastructure development area, through complex projects in countries such as Germany, Poland, Belgium or the Netherlands, proving a high capacity for timely delivery of quality works. Thus, the company contributes to meeting the national need for sustainable infrastructure construction, in addition to the contribution in its fields of activity – energy and telecom.

Electrogroup is also one of the most important developers of telecommunications and energy infrastructure in Romania. Recently, the company announced the development of one of the first European 5G networks, in the Netherlands.

Thus, Electrogroup continues its strategy to provide and develop key services and infrastructure focused on the latest technologies, for the benefit of the population, after also having launched, earlier this year, a special division dedicated to Smart City projects, for which the application the new 5G technologies will be one of the catalysts.


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