• 1997 Electrogrup

    The establishment of Electrogrup and the energy division’s entry into the electrical networks market.

  • 1999 Electrogrup

    Electrogrup expands its services in the telecommunications infrastructure market (telecom towers, mobile phone sites, etc.)

  • 2007 Nova Power & Gas

    Nova Power & Gas (at that time – TEN Transilvania Energy) is established as an electricity supplier

  • 2007 Direct One

    Direct One is established as a spin-off of the national fiber optic network of Electrogrup

  • 2007 Netcity Telecom

    Netcity Telecom was established after the successful award of the tender

  • 2008 Netcity

    The concession contract was signed and Netcity started the pilot phase

  • 2009 - 2012 Netcity

    The network implemented by Netcity reached 878 km, and the objectives set in the first stage of the project were completed in good time

  • 2010 Electrogrup

    Electrogrup expands its services in the civil construction market as a general contractor for industrial projects

  • 2013 Nova Power & Gas

    Nova Power & Gas expands its business in the field of electricity production and distribution in the REIF Park

  • 2013 Electrogrup

    Electrogrup starts the first international project in Poland, followed by Russia, Germany and the UK

  • 2015 Electrogrup

    Electrogrup strengthens its international presence with the establishment of the first branch outside the borders in Stuttgart, Germany

  • 2017 E-INFRA

    Establishment of E-INFRA holding company

  • 2017 Direct One

    Direct One acquires Netcity and resumes investments in the development of the metropolitan fiber optic network.

  • 2018 Netcity

    Netcity exceeds the 1,000 km mark and is building at an unprecedented pace

  • 2018 Electrogrup

    Electrogrup expanded its business in smart city

  • 2019 Electrogrup

    Electrogrup expands its service portfolio with Smart City projects and authorizes the construction of natural gas distribution networks

  • 2021 Electrogrup si Nova Power & Gas

    Electrogrup and Nova Power & Gas are building the group’s first natural gas power plant

  • 2021 Netcity

    Netcity concludes a partnership with MERIDIAN to accelerate network development

  • 2022 Wesse

    WESSE returns to the E-INFRA group

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