In today’s world, technology is king, yet it runs on infrastructure.

In its various forms, infrastructure is an essential block in any modern economy. It enables trade, powers businesses, connects workers to their jobs and creates opportunities for communities.

E-INFRA is the holding entity for a group of 5 companies active in the field of infrastructure.

Our main activity consists in coordinating the management of our subsidiaries, assisting them in achieving synergies, allocating capital among subsidiaries and providing support in the business areas with significant impact.

That’s where our
mission begins

We accelerate capabilities to bring good life, freedom and prosperity to people by providing high-quality underlying infrastructure and deploying projects that connect and power communities.

In over 25 years of activity, E-INFRA Group has diversified it’s investments and expertise in telecommunications infrastructure integration and operations, clean energy production, energy infrastructure operation and integration and civil constructions.



Support people’s good life by providing the
modern infrastructure needed.



We unleash value from modern
infrastructure by continuously expanding
investments and expertise that support
growth and improve people’s lives.



Our values serve as a compass for our
actions and describe how we behave in the

What we do, we do well.

We value the result of our work and embrace the culture of the well done.

We know wanting is not enough. Take action.

We support an entrepreneurial culture, we encourage a growth mindset, initiative and ownership.

Trust. Integrity. Transparency.

We build long-term customer partnerships to work and enjoy a meaningful journey together.



Key People

Teofil Muresan
Teofil Muresan
Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board
Teo is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for telecom and electrical engineering infrastructure sectors. He
Marian Pantazescu
Marian Pantazescu
Shareholder and Board Member
Marian has previously been the Chairman of Direct One. Also from August 2008 until July 2017 […]
Simion Muresan
Simion Muresan
Shareholder and Board Member
Simion is the leader of the group’s civil infrastructure projects, joined his brother Teofil in 1997 […]
Adrian Racasan
Adrian Racasan
CEO Netcity
Adrian Racasan joined Netcity in 2012 and has been the Chief Executive Officer of Netcity since […]
Gianina Pelea
Gianina Pelea
CEO Direct One
With over 15 years of experience in the local and European telecom market, both in the technical and regulatory spheres, Gianina Pelea has a deep understanding of the telecommunications sector.
Samar Ionita
Samar Ionita
CEO, Nova Power & Gas

Samar has over 15 years of professional experience in the banking and telecommunications sector, with a focus on marketing and project management. Prior to joining the E-INFRA group, she was part of the Orange Romania team and previously Alpha Bank Romania, where she successfully coordinated a series of strategic projects.

Samar joined the Group in early 2021 and currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Nova Power & Gas.

Raluca Ceascai
Raluca Ceascai
CEO, Electrogrup

Raluca Ceascai is a professional with a rich experience in the industry and a close knowledge of our companies. She joined the Electrogrup team 15 years ago, in 2006, and over time has held various management positions, as Chief Financial Officer at Electrogrup and Chief Financial Officer of the E-INFRA group. Her expertise covers financial operations, both nationally and internationally.

Starting with September 2021, Raluca has hold the position of Deputy CEO of Electrogrup and in March 2022 she became CEO of the company.

Raluca is also a EMBA graduate of the Hull University in UK.

Andrei Muresan
Andrei Muresan
Deputy CEO, Nova Power & Gas

With a master’s degree in Management and Finance at London Business School, Andrei is the newest member of the management team of E-INFRA Group. In recent years, he has facilitated the Group’s connection with the British business environment, promoting E-INFRA through innovative marketing strategies. Andrei currently holds the position of Deputy CEO of Nova Power & Gas.

Teodor Babut
Teodor Babut
Deputy CEO of Electrogrup
After previously leading WESEE for 3 years as CEO, Teodor is now the Chief Operational Office of the Group, holding in parallel the Deputy CEO position at Electrogrup
Nicole Petrina
Nicole Petrina
HR Director, E-INFRA

Nicole Petrina is the first international member of the E-INFRA leadership team. With almost 20 years of international experience, working in various companies in the United States, her journey is special in that she spent the first half of her career in business development, strategy and finance, before discovering her true calling in the field of human resources, working to align the business growth plan with the professional development strategy of the employees. Prior to joining HR, Nicole spent several years in investment banking with the Global Power and Utilities team at Barclays in New York. In 2010, Nicole joined the New York-based Barclays Global HR team, being responsible for implementing strategic projects in coordination between the company’s divisions and business regions.

Nicole also holds an MBA Degree from Cornell University in New York, where she was a Park Leadership Fellow.

Nicole will coordinate the group’s HR team, taking responsibility for helping our more than 600 employees increase their team and individual performances, as well as guiding the organizational culture of E-INFRA.

Adina Calfa
Adina Calfa
Group General Counsel, E-INFRA
Adina Calfa is one of the most influential Legal Managers in Romania and an internationally recognized professional in The Legal 500 GC Powerlist 2017,


ROONRC J40/21132/2017
CUI 38647188

Poligrafiei Blvd., No. 1A, 013704
Floor 19, Ana Tower building, District 1,
Bucharest, Romania

Phone: +40 31 106 52 70
Email: contact@e-infra.ro

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