Electrogrup Completes the Modernization of the Însurăței Power Station, Brăila, in a Project Worth 8.1 Million Lei

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Electrogrup, member of the E-INFRA group, announces the completion of the modernization of the Însurăței Power Station, Brăila county, within a project worth 8.1 million lei, whose beneficiary is SDEE Muntenia Nord and has run over the last two years. The project represents the 23rd station upgraded and modernized by Electrogrup, in Romania.

“During the last two years, our teams have worked hard to rehabilitate an essential electricity node for the southeastern region. From now on, the modern infrastructure in the Însurăței Station can support the consumption growth in the region, with new equipment, up to date technologies and an extra safety. We hope that, in the coming years, all major stations in the country will reach this level. As we carry out activities and have an extended visibility in all critical areas of infrastructure, we notice that Romania is at a time when modernization projects are as important as construction projects. Consumption is growing, both in energy and telecom, and infrastructure must, in turn, increase its capacity. The good news is that we have, in Romania, the know-how and capacities needed to be able to engage in extensive projects,” said Adrian Florea, CEO, Electrogrup.

The refurbishment of the station consisted in the replacement of 110 kV equipment, 20 kV equipment, protection and control cabinets and internal service equipment. Moreover, video surveillance, anti-burglary, fire detection and alarm systems have been implemented, while the buildings, both on the inside and outside, as well as the entire footprint of the station, have been modernized.

Via this refurbishment, the station ensures the supply of electricity to the final customers in the safest conditions, as well as to the pumping stations for irrigation in the Brăila area and to the evacuation of the energy produced by the Însurăței Wind Farm in the national energy system.

Beyond the strong, consistent presence in the major national energy infrastructure projects, Electrogrup is also one of the most active builders of telecommunications infrastructure, Smart City, civil and industrial construction.


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