Nova Power & Gas, part of E-INFRA Group, inaugurates a natural gas network in Suceava, Moara, following a 6 million lei investment

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Suceava, June 20, 2020 Nova Power & Gas, company member of the E-INFRA Group, today inaugurates the natural gas network in Moara, Suceava. The project is part of the E-INFRA group strategy to contribute to the development of Romania’s critical infrastructure, via private investments in public utility projects.

“The gas distribution from Moara, Suceva, adds to the investments of the E-INFRA group in the modern infrastructure of Romania, proving that we can also have private investments in public utilities. With only 35% of all localities connected to gas networks, compared to 90% in Hungary and 55% in Poland, Romania needs to heavily invest in the gas supply for households. The advantages are multiple: forests protection, consumer comfort, attracting new investors and a greater efficiency. Nova Power & Gas will continue to invest in new gas concessions, in the coming years,” said Teofil Mureșan, Chairman, E-INFRA.

The total length of the natural gas distribution networks developed in Moara, which also includes the Moara Nica, Moara Carp and Bulai localities, is 23 kilometers, and the network will connect approximately 1,670 household consumers and economic agents.

The total investment in the project, which includes the completion of the Bosanci-Moara main pipeline, the high-pressure connection pipeline, the Moara measurement-delivery regulation station and the local distribution network, was of 6 million lei.

Nova Power & Gas also has gas concessions in Câmpulung Moldovenesc, the Vatra Dornei municipality and the Sadova commune (Suceva), Huedin municipality (Cluj) and Stei municipality (Bihor).

The E-INFRA Group also owns a concession in Bucharest, for the metropolitan optic fiber network Netcity, along with its own national optic fiber network and several photovoltaic parks.

About Nova Power & Gas 

A Romanian company, active on the electricity and natural gas market since 2007, Nova Power & Gas responds to the consumers’ needs through a complete offer of electricity and natural gas services in the free market.

Nova Power & Gas is part of E-INFRA, a group of five companies active in the field of energy and telecommunications infrastructure, together with Netcity Telecom, Direct One, Electrogrup and WESEE, with over 600 employees and an annual turnover of over 100 million euro. More information is available at and

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