Electrogrup Infrastructure | E-INFRA in Time Magazine, September 2018 Edition

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The prestigious Time magazine published an analysis of Electrogrup Infrastructure | E-INFRA.

Under the heading “E-INFRA: Cutting edge convergence”, the article analyzes the company’s strong points within the most important infrastructure trends – Smart City, IOT, 5G networks.

“Despite all the talk about becoming a wireless society, the infrastructure driving advances in information and
communication technology and energy efficiency is still physical by nature and relies heavily on cables that link the brick-and-mortar power and telecom networks. Thanks to companies like Electrogrup Infrastructure |
E-INFRA and its development of cross-sector infrastructure solutions, companies in the energy, telecom, and
Internet industries are looking at significant cost savings as they roll out and upgrade their services to meet growing demand.”

The Time article explains why the cross-sector approach in infrastructure allows for cost savings and rising growth rates. Time also describes the structure of the group of companies and the success story of its founder, Teofil Muresan.

Electrogrup Infrastructure | E-INFRA – Time Magazine Article, Sep 18

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