Netcity Telecom supports the need for a predictable regulatory framework to encourage private investments in infrastructure in Romania

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Netcity Telecom took note of the content of the draft proposal for the regulation of the tariffs for the access services to the metropolitan infrastructure of fiber optic of Bucharest, published by ANCOM for public consultation.

The company representatives will carefully analyse within the next period the effects of this proposal and initiate consultations with the representatives of Bucharest City Hall and ANCOM to determine to what extent the terms of the Decision draft nterplay with the concession contract, aspects that is extremely important in the process of drafting the final Decision.

Netcity Telecom representatives trust that a final Decision, following the public consultation period, will be a decision ensuring the continuation of the further expansion of Netcity, as approved by the General Council of Bucharest.

Netcity Telecom management notes the fact that the investment in Netcity Project was and still is entirely private and is based on the regulation and tariff structure set by the Public Works Concession Contract, concluded in partnership with the Contracting Authority – Bucharest City Hall, and approved by the CGMB no. 108 of 2008, for the project.

The management of the company considers that investments in infrastructure are vital for the growth and development of Bucharest, one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the European Union. Hence any decision modifying the regulatory framework should consider the need for investment in infrastructure in Romania and consequently such decision should take into account the expectations of existing and potential investors to build their decisions on a predictable legal and regulatory framework, taking into account the long-term interest of consumers and market players.

About Netcity Telecom

Netcity Telecom was founded in 2007 for the construction and operation of the Netcity metropolitan infrastructure for fiber optic of Bucharest, with the main goal of facilitating the migration of the aerial cables underground.

Netcity project brings significant benefits to Bucharest by creating a secure, modern and neutral underground telecommunication network that allows citizens to receive telecommunication services at the highest standards. For the future of the Bucharest infrastructure, besides solving the increasingly overwhelming problem of the street poles, overcrowded with cables, Netcity guarantees the maintenance of technical standards that can attract investments in IT & C and ensure the development of smart-city and IoT solutions, to increase the quality of life in the Capital City.

Netcity Telecom is part of a group of five companies active in the field of energy and telecommunications infrastructure, including Electrogrup SA, Direct One SA, Nova Power & Gas SRL and WESEE SRL, in which the group owns a 40% participation, a group where Electrogrup Infrastructure is the holding company

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