Netcity Telecom resumed the private investment in the construction of the telecommunications infrastructure network

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Bucharest City Hall and Netcity Telecom have proposed that works on the public fiber network, funded exclusively by Netcity from private funds, should continue at a sustained pace in 2017 and in the years to come. Netcity estimates that by 2020 private investment will grow by more than 30 million Euro, surpassing at that time 70 million Euros. The length of the network over the next three years is set to double, more than 1,800 km, and will continue to grow every year, depending on the needs of the capital.

Representatives of the City Hall and Netcity Telecom agreed earlier this summer to expand the network by about 150 km in 2017, prioritizing areas with increased risk of accidents due to the inappropriate situation of telecoms. Thus, Netcity has launched new network sections since July, and ongoing work will continue in October and November. The 350 km extension of the network already projected in 2017 will add another 400 km of network for which the engineering design phase is expected to be completed in March 2018. Netcity estimates that investments made by 2020 will result in a doubling of the resulting revenue of the royalty paid by the concessionaire Netcity Telecom to the budget of Bucharest City Hall, which will reach over 2 million euros per year.

Expansion of the network will increase the number of streets for which telecoms will migrate underground, a migration that will help improve the urban aspect and reduce the risk of accidents caused by the illegal and chaotic layout of cables on poles, trees or between buildings. Netcity network investment will also enhance the quality of telecommunication services, competition between telecom operators and the fee charged by the municipality, while ensuring the infrastructure support for Smart City services.

In addition to the ongoing work in the Primaverii area – Dorobanti – Kiseleff, new critical areas have been identified on public transport routes, on arteries with numerous air cables fallen on sidewalks or cars, placed on improvised pillars or in danger of collapse, resulting in new works that were planned for this year in the perimeter of Ghencea, Crângaşi, Giuleşti, Călăraşi and Mircea Vulcănescu neighborhoods. Traffic will not be diverted or disturbed. Netcity takes all possible steps to keep pedestrian access as little as possible and calls for an understanding of the inhabitants for possible inconvenience caused by network construction work.

Netcity Telecom is the network operator “Netcity”, responsible for its design, construction and operation, based on a concession contract signed with the City Hall of Bucharest for 2008 for a period of 49 years. The Fiber Optic Infrastructure Support Network currently has a length of approximately 900 km, being made available to telecommunication operators offering services on the territory of Bucharest.

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