Netcity: safe, stable underground network, built in line with the latest European standards, with a minimal number of incidents throughout 2019

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  • Only 60 incidents, on segments limited to as little as 46 streets of the Capital city, have affected the networks installed by the telecom operators, in 2019
  • 23 incidents caused by public modernization works for the city caused relocation for certain infrastructure segments
  • No impact in service delivering is expected, in the context of the possible extreme meteorological phenomenons announced for this winter

 Bucharest, November 4, 2019 Netcity Telecom SRL representatives today announce that the modern building technologies used for the metropolitan underground fiber optic infrastructure Netcity have proven their stability, safety and efficiency during this year and, at the level of the entire Bucharest, only 60 incidents were registered, which affected, on a short term, the services provided by the operators to the final customers, on 46 streets of the Capital city.

Moreover, out of a total of 60 incidents, 23 were caused by public modernization works of the Capital, which required the relocation of the infrastructure segments present in the respective areas. Other causes of the incidents that occurred during this year include the works of various utility providers, the planting of trees, the remodelling by asphalting or pouring concrete, as well as the acts of vandalism.

However, the average reaction time was fast, and wherever large civil works were needed, temporary solutions were provided to allow for a fast restoration of the services provided by the telecom operators to final customers.

“The modernity and stability of the Netcity network, the attention to the environment and the people, have become realities through the mini-trenching standard, adopted and promoted at European and international level as the recommended, safe, minimally invasive solution, with a high degree of operational safety. Netcity is not only a legal alternative to the aerial cables installed without authorization on the pillars, but also an infrastructure that contributes to the modernization of the Capital, both technologically and utilities infrastructure-wise. The sustained efforts to expand the network allow us to provide more stable telecommunications services than ever before in the Capital, so that the Bucharest residents connected to Netcity have every chance to overcome the announced heavy winter with zero impact on the functionality of the TV, internet or telephony services,” says Adrian Răcășan, CEO, Netcity Telecom.

In report to the estimated number of approximately a quarter of a million homes connected, Netcity records an average of only 0.3 incidents per thousand of households per year, considerably below the level reported by the Council of Europe as an industry standard. According to European reports, in the Netherlands, a landmark as technological advancement, the number of incidents caused to telecom networks by public works is 5.5 per thousand homes per year.

In order to align to the latest industry practices, Netcity uses the mini-trenching standard, an international reference standard, used extensively in Europe and recommended by ASRO, UN – International Telecommunication Union, European Commission or the FTTH Council. The mini-trench was adopted by Netcity for the first time in Romania and certified by the national standardization authorities as a viable alternative to the old standards of the previous decades, suitable for the traditional communication networks, but not optimized for the requirements of a modern development.

The Netcity network is built with 100% private funds and is available to all telecommunications operators, who can relocate their aerial networks underground. The infrastructure already covers the main boulevards and tourist areas of the Capital, and works continue to advance, mainly on the secondary streets.

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