Direct One S.A. finalizes the implementation of two new solutions for Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 project

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Direct One S.A., the leading neutral and independent telecom infrastructure operator in Romania, part of E-INFRA holding (Electrogrup Infrastructure SA), launched two new SmartCity solutions over its communication infrastructure implemented in 2017 in Alba Iulia.

The two solutions installed in the city center, an air quality monitoring station, together with an intelligent traffic volume measurement system, bring a first on the Romanian market, both through the communication infrastructure used – LoRaWAN, and by integrating the two systems. The platform provides useful data on the measured traffic volumes and their impact on air quality. Such data, collected across the city, will provide a solid foundation in defining smart intelligence and air quality improvement solutions.

“The communication infrastructure is a complex component in SmartCity projects. Naturally, coming from an infrastructure group, we aim to become the leading provider of communications systems for SmartCity projects in the country. In parallel, we are developing an ecosystem of partners – software equipment and platform vendors – that help us deliver turn-key solutions across Direct One infrastructure in multiple sectors – utilities, environment, safety, security, mobility” said Adrian Florea, CEO Direct One.

As a partner in Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 project, Direct One has built a SmartCity infrastructure capable of collecting data from multiple sensor types for any project using LoRa technology. A solution for illegal parking monitoring is already providing useful statistics – the average daily average of parking vehicles, the average stationary time or the hourly intervals with most events, information to be used by authorities for various purposes. The same infrastructure is at the heart of a smart parking solution that will soon be launched by one of the project partners.

The company is a member of the Romanian Association for Smart City and Mobility, together with other companies that aim to become active players on the SmartCity market and accelerate the implementation of smart solutions in Romanian cities.

“Such instruments are not just a pretext to justify the smart mirage. We all know, from the existing analysis, what we are facing in the city and what should be improved. These solutions help us understand the cause and argue for the almost permanent need to come up with sollutions for the existing problems. Basically, this provides a level of clarity that no one can question when you ask for money from the European Union to change the urban traffic solutions and make them more bearable. This partnership is not just worth paying attention, but looking at examples from outside the country, it needs to be replicated wherever it’s necessary” – Mircea Hava, Mayor of Alba Iulia.

About Direct One
Direct One S.A. is part of E-INFRA (Electrogrup Infrastructure S.A.) holding, a group of companies active in the field of infrastructure and leader in the private energy and telecommunication infrastructure market, whose vision is to support the quality of people’s lives through high-quality modern infrastructure.
Other companies in the group are Electrogrup S.A., Netcity Telecom S.R.L., Nova Power & Gas S.R.L. and WESEE S.R.L., which together have more than 700 employees, with a consolidated turnover of EUR 107.5 million in 2017.

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