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Teo is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for telecom and electrical engineering infrastructure sectors. He started his career with the Romanian National Grid Control Center, where he climbed the ranks to become the youngest Chief Dispatcher. In 1997, Teo founded Electrogrup, initially offering design consulting to the newly set up mobile telecom operators in Romania. At the time, the multinational mobile companies needed young local professionals with a good understanding of the telecom and energy infrastructure sector in Romania to help them design and set up their infrastructure. In a short timeframe, Electrogrup moved from designing to building GSM sites and became one of the most important builders in telecom infrastructure in Romania, taking part in some of the largest construction projects in the country.

From early on, Teo’s vision was to create competitive advantages for his companies by working on complex projects, which require technical expertise across sectors. This consistent strategy has allowed his companies to become more efficient than competitors and avoid commoditized solutions. One of the early synergetic strategies was the intersection of telecom and power infrastructure, which have many similarities: similar professional qualifications for employees, similar equipment, similar site poles etc. Over time, Electrogrup built over 10,000 Km of fiber optic routes, 700 telecom sites, 150 substations, micro-hydro power stations, solar parks as well as wind park maintenance capabilities
Electrogrup and affiliated group companies today operate in complementary sectors, such as providing utilities and engineering solutions in telecom, power and gas, with combined revenues of over € 110mn in 2017.

Teo is a well-respected entrepreneur and Board member in various for-profit and not-for- profit organizations. He believes in education as a catalyst for change and took the leadership in many education initiatives – the latest being setting up of the first MBA program in his hometown of Cluj, with the partnership of The University of Hull from the UK. In 2012, Teo was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Champions in Business.
Teo’s education comprises of executive education at Harvard Business School, an MBA degree from the London Business School and a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

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