Catalin Clemente


Catalin has been part of our group of companies since 2008, when he took over the position of commercial director of Direct One. As a result of Netcity’s acquisition, Catalin took over also the role of Netcity’s commercial director, ensuring that the commercial policies of the two companies are aligned. Following the same goal of aligning business policies at group level, Catalin accepted, from the Group CCO position, the challenge of supervising the business strategies of all group companies at the time of setting up Electrogrup Infrastructure | E-INFRA.

Previously, Catalin was a Product Manager for Fixed Data products and Professional Services portfolio at Vodafone Romania. There, he developed the fixed data and managed services portfolio along with the associated communication, pricing and sales strategy. He also held various other roles in Vodafone’s technical departments in the presales and IP network areas. Prior to Vodafone, Catalin worked with two integration companies, ROMSYS and Romservice Telecomunicatii. He holds an Executive MBA Degree from ASEBUSS / Kennesaw University, a Master Degree in Business from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and an Engineering degree from Bucharest’s Polytechnic University.

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